• Redeemed

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    When Paul meets Julia—the beautiful representative sent to manage the buyout of his company—their friendship begins to shift into dangerous territory.

  • Persecuted

    Playing on streaming movie services
    Evangelist John Luther is the last obstacle in the way of sweeping religious reform.
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  • The Good Lie

    Opening in theaters October 3rd.
    Sudanese refugees arrive in Kansas, where their encounter with employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives.

  • Left Behind: The End Begins

    Opening in theaters October 3rd.
    A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction.ticket

  • The Song

    Showing in theaters September 26th.
    An aspiring singer-songwriter’s life and marriage suffer when the song he writes for his wife propels him to stardom.

  • Believe Me

    Playing in selected theaters an on streaming movie services.
    Desperate, broke, and out of ideas, four college seniors start a fake charity to embezzle money for tuition.
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  • Forever Strong

    playing on streaming movie services
    A troubled young rugby player is given the choice between jail or playing for a rival team.
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