• Saving Christmas

    Dive headfirst into all the dancing, celebration, feasting, imagination, and traditions.
    ticketShowing in theaters for two weeks beginning November 14th.

  • The Christmas Candle

    Playing on streaming movie services.
    Whoever lights the Christmas Candle will receive a miracle on Christmas Eve.
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  • Mission Air

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    Medical missionaries risk everything to save Sophie after she was kidnapped by bandits in Mexico.
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  • Persecuted

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    Evangelist John Luther is the last obstacle in the way of sweeping religious reform.
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  • Redeemed

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    When Paul meets Julia—the beautiful representative sent to manage the buyout of his company—their friendship begins to shift into dangerous territory.

  • The Beautiful Beast

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    When spoiled, self-centered Isabelle gets lost on a skiing vacation in Switzerland, she takes refuge in an abandoned cabin. There she meets Jeremy.

  • Changing Hearts

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    A man learns about sacrificing for the ones he loves — even at the expense of his own dreams.

    Changing Hearts 600

Paper Angels

UP Friday 9 & 11 pm ET / 6 & 8 pm PT.
Saturday 7, 9, 11 pm ET / 4, 6, & 8 pm PT.
Two unlikely friends have a big impact on their families for Christmas through The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program.


Secret of Giving

DISH ch 188, DIRECTV- ch. 338, localSaturday 1 pm ET / 10 am PT – DISH ch 188, DIRECTV- ch. 338, local



Saturday 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT – Dish ch., 263, DirectTV ch. 369, KDTN TV 2 Dallas, TX, Sky ch. 584, local TV, local cable