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Week of March 13, 2011 guide to topics and quests on some Christian TV programs and media. Click on the name of the program for more information about the episodes. You can watch many of the programs up to 2 days after their airing through Sky Angel’s 48 hour rewind feature. Most of the programs can be viewed on-demand on their websites or through LightSource. Please post guests and topics not included here in the comments section.

Weekly/Sunday Programs
Daily programs

Daily Programs

Program Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
700 Club
(Pat Roberston, Gordon Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen)
Josh Sundquist lost his leg to cancer at 9-years old, but that didn’t stop him from achieving amazing things. DeForest Soaries shares practical steps to help families get out of debt. Michael Moreno shares proven methods to lose weight quickly and effectively.. Amy Parham ‘Biggest Loser’ contestant shares the lessons she has learned about weight loss. Rick Tramonto shares how he overcame challenges to become a celebrity chef.
100 Huntley Street Ruth Graham, Nicole Chmelar Sharon Cavers & Amy Jackson . . .

(Marcus and Joni Lamb)

Rod Parsely Fresh Oil New Wine Conference
Steve Hill Brownsville Revival . World Revival Church Services
EWTN Prime Scott Hahn: Lamb’s Supper – Todah Consecration Mother Angelica Classics: Suffering and Other Things EWTN Live: Fr. Kevin Doran – 2012 International Eucharistic Congress The World Over: (Raymond Arroyo) Liffe on the Rock: Youth Defense Ireland – Keeping Ireland Pro-Life
Focus 4 Prayer One: Norma Bixler, Pete Giacalone, and Cathy Hembree, No Greater Mystery Worship Team Answers – Ask the Pastor Tim Burgan, God at Work Dr. Paul Crites World Wide Worship inter ACTIVE – Trust Defined Mission: J. Lee Grady
Gospel Truth (Andrew Wommack) Christian First-Aid Kit.
His Channel Live Behind the Mic Live: Brother Dennis Talk Bible Study: Jack Hibbs Today’s Faith: Cheryl Brodersen
Live World News Breifing: Chuck & Don
Word For Today: Chuck Smith
Inspiration Today
(David and Barbara Cerullo)
Christ’s Coming, Part 1 Christ’s Coming, Part 2 The Temple, Part 1 The Temple, Part 2 The Temple, Part 3
Jim Bakker Breaking Revelation News Headlines Breaking Revelation News Headlines Breaking Revelation News Headlines Breaking Revelation News Headlines Breaking Revelation News Headlines
video on demand
Table Talk
Pat Boone
Table Talk
Same Kind of Different
Table Talk
Same Kind of Different
Table Talk
Mary Beth Chapman
Table Talk
Carol Kornacki
Joyce Meyer Staying One Step Ahead of the Devil Staying One Step Ahead of the Devil Five Ways to Win Over Temptation Five Ways to Win Over Temptation The War for Man’s Soul
Judi Byrds Kitchen A Taste of Narnia 20 Minute Meal More Super Suppers Cozy Meals Slow Cooker Recipes
Kenneth Copleand Living in Our Redemption
Kenneth Copeland and Jeremy Pearsons
Life Today (James and Betty Robison) James and Betty Robison – Basics of Life James and Betty Robison – Basics of Life Beth Moore: A Story Fit for a Song James and Betty Robison – Basics of Life James and Betty Robison – Basics of Life
Marilyn and Sarah Jehovah Rophe – Part 1 Jehovah Rophe – Part 2 Elohim & Jehovah – Part 1 Elohim & Jehovah – Part 2 Our Partners Make it Happen
Paula Click here to watch programs on-line
Praise the Lord Zachery Tims hosts Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Bishop Gregory M. Davis, Sr., Ted Winn, Bishop Rudolph McKissick and Madelyn Berry Dewey Friedel hosts Squire & Louise Rushnell, Dr. Edmund Chein, Pastor Jason Alvarez, Brad Smith and Sherry McGhee Bil Cornelius hosts Keith Craft, Pastor David Crank, Brandon Thomas and Anthony Evans Matt & Laurie Crouch host Doctor’s Night with Cherie Calbom, Dr. Scott Hannen, Dr. Eric Braverman, Dr. Edmund Chein, Dr. Edward Wagner, Dr. Scott Morris and Paul Stephens Carman hosts Darryl & Tracy Strawberry, Paula White, Lauretta Pierce, Bob Hutchins and Andrea McClurkin-Mellini
Precepts For Life
(Kay Arthur
Isaiah – Consent and Obey Isaiah – Woe to The Proud Isaiah – The Lord Enters Into Judgment Isaiah – Life or Judgment? Isaiah – Woe to The Wicked!
This Is Your Day
(Benny Hinn)
Trinidad Highlights, Part 1 Trinidad Highlights, Part 2 Trinidad Highlights, Part 3 Trinidad Highlights, Part 4 A Ministry First in San Francisco
Total Living Network
(Jerry and Shirley Rose)
Marriage: For Better, For Worse: Who Should You Tell Your Marriage Problems To? Aspiring Women: Mommy Michelle (Michelle McKinney Hammond / The Ginter Family)
Journey: Confidence in the Lord
TLN Now: Money IQ: Life Insurance Fundamentals – Guest: Dana Davidson Significant Living: Agent of Change (Warden Burl Cain)


Program Weekly / Sunday
Always Good News (Franklin Graham, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) Watch as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people around the world through the Franklin Graham Festivals. Experience the culture of Brazil, Latvia and Japan as we take you with us on a journey of hope.
Bill Gaither Alaskan Homecoming / Best Of David Phelps
Check the Sound Manic Drive / Jeremy Camp
Choices We Face (Ralph Martin) “Be Content in Truth – Ralph & Peter”
Creflo Dollar Making God Your Refuge
Day of Disovery Israel: Crossroads of Eternity, Part I: Why Israel Can’t Be Ignored
Dr. David Jeremiah Lovesick and Love-Healthy
Gospel of Life
(Fr. Frank Pavone)
NRB: Telling your child about your abortion with Georgette Forney
EWTN: How to stop forced abotions
Gospel Music Showcase Tammy Underwood Click here to watch on-demand at Daystar.
Hillsong My Biggest Mistake
Hour of Power Jim Penner: Love Life! The Wall Between You and Hope! Guest Interview: Kiel & Carolyn Twietmeyer.
In Touch (Dr. Charles Stanley) Fight Your Battles on Your Knees: Some struggles are external—such as your finances or job. Others take place within you. Internal enemies like anger, unforgiveness, or insecurity can hinder your walk with God. How can you find victory? Fight your battles on your knees, and you will win every time.
It’s Supernatural (Sid Roth) David Martin –
In the 1930’s God visited a group of Africans with the “Shining One Anointing.” They would literally shine with the Glory of God. They walked in holiness and had a peace so powerful it would overcome EVERY negative circumstance! David Martin was transformed by receiving this “Shining One Anointing”.
Jack Hayford Power for Private Prayer, Part 2
Jentezen Franklin The Power of A Made Up Mind
Jesse Duplantis Great Expectation P…
Jewish Voice (Jonathan Bernis) Bill Koenig looks at the outbreak of protests in the Middle East and how Israel’s security could be endangered.
Joel Osteen Seeing Through Eyes of Love
John Ankerberg Does the New Scientific Evidence about the Origin of Life Put an End to Darwinian Evolution
Kenneth Copleand Live Until You Are Satisfied – Gloria Copeland
Kerry Shook Strength and Weakness
Leading theWay (Micahel Youssef) The Greatest Lie
Listen Up Permitting Prostitution
Love, Marriage, and Stinking Thinking (Mark Gungor, Debbie Chavez, Tom Washatka.)
Click here to watch progams on-demand.
Manna-fest with Perry Stone When the Curse is Broken
Marriage Today (Jimmy and Karen Evans) Striking Your Sexual Match
Sunday Night Live Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Matt Swaim
The Potter’s Touch (T. D. Jakes) Conquering Contradictions
The Power to Change Today (Gegory Dickow) I’m Never Going to Hurt Again
The Venue Aaron and Amanda Crabb at Oak Tree
Zola Levit Eretz Israel: The Land of Israel — “To All Generations”

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