Watch the Passion 2012 Live Stream all day (1/4) beginning at 10:45 am ET.

Passion 2012 Livestream –  At the heart of it all, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For Passion founders, “that’s the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and the privilege we have to fully leverage our lives by amplifying His name in everything we do… And it’s about a rare chance for tens of thousands of university-aged young people to gather in celebration of their common faith purpose.”  Speakers at the conference at the Georgia Dome include Francis ChanJohn PiperBeth Moore and Christine Caine. and lead worshippersinclude Chris TomlinDavid Crowder BandMatt RedmanCharlie HallChristy Nockels, and Kristian Stanfill.
Watch the Live Stream and past sessions here.

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