“Hardflip” shows on Liberty Saturday (8/31) at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT.

Hardflip – (2012) This is the story of Caleb, a young skater whose ill mother and absent father leave him reaching for the only hope he has…becoming a sponsored skater. After finding a stack of old love letters, he sets out to find the father he never knew and inadvertently begins a journey he never could have expected. This story explores what happens when we let go of our anger and pain and forgive those who have hurt us most.



Saturday 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT-

Liberty Broadcasting NetworkSaturday (8/31) 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT- FAVE ch 179, DirecTV ch 378, Lynchburg, VA 43.1 & 43.2, local cable.

Sunday 1 pm ET / 10 pm PT

Cornerstone TeleVision Network - Sunday (8/25) 1 pm ET / 10 am PT FAVE 149; WPCB-TV 40, Pittsburg, PA; other places here, streaming here.

Sat. 12 mid / 9 pm PT

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) – Saturday (6/22) 12 mid ET / 9 pm PT. – DirecTV ch. 372, Dish Network ch. 260, FAVE 133, Roku, Glorystar ch. 2 Click here to find out more places to watch TBN. TBN on-online here.

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