“The Road Less Traveled”

The Road Less Traveled – This film chronicles the high-impact, three-continent adventures of a brave young archaeologist searching out the Holy Land and within himself to find answers to the deepest human questions. During the quest, Brandon Trones tests the limits of his body and mind through his own 40 Day Fast- losing over twenty-five pounds during four ten-day fasts. Despite fatigue and exhaustion, the discipline of fasting gives Brandon a heightened insight and spiritual awareness, helping him expose dozens of new artifacts and previously unseen or unfilmed sites. Seeking truth at any cost, our guide presses on through the dangers of mine fields, off-limits military zones and occupied territories to unlock ancient Holy Land mysteries. On his trek, Brandon verifies 40 historical sites, uncovers more than 20 ancient secrets, and returns from the Holy Land with a strong message for America and the world.

Thu. 8pm ET/PT

Parables.TV Thursday (2/20) at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT, 11 pm ET / 8 pm PT. – The premium 24/7 service can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, computer, TV, Andorid, Roku.






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