Movie, Documentary, Special Guide

Movie, Documentary, Special Guide

Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder(2017) Jenn suspects foul play when the body of an avid surfer is found on an isolated beach, the victim of an apparent drowning.Hallmark Movie 18 Mon 9:00pm
18 Mon 6:00pm

Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery(2017) Archaeologist Emma Fielding unearths evidence of a 17th-century coastal Maine settlement that predates Jamestown,Hallmark Movie 20 Wed 7:00pm20 Wed 4:00pm
Restoring the Shack - Loss and LoveA look at how Paul Young's own life journey shaped his writing; questions about faith, grief, and more.TBN20 Wed 7:00pm
21 Thu 2:30pm
23 Sat 1:00am
24 Sun 10:00pm
25 Mon 2:00am
20 Wed 4:00pm
21 Thu 11:30am
22 Fri 10:00pm
24 Sun 7:00pm
24 Sun 11:00pm
The Big Grab(2017) A wealthy playboy tries to change his immature ways when he falls for a tough EMT driver.PixL21 Thu 1:30pm
22 Fri 1:30am
21 Thu 10:30am
21 Thu 10:30pm
3000 a DayTestimony from an array of knowledgeable experts as well as a post-abortive woman provides provocative insight into abortion.NRB21 Thu 8:00pm
22 Fri 12:00am
21 Thu 5:00pm
21 Thu 9:00pm
The Cowboy Way: Alabama - An Extra HandDriven by faith, family and American tradition, three young cowboys, Bubba Thompson, Cody Harris and Chris Booger Brown, work hard to build their cattle business in Alabama and live according to an old-fashioned cowboy code.INSP21 Thu 8:00pm
23 Sat 7:00pm
21 Thu 5:00pm
23 Sat 4:00pm
Bringing Up Bates - Bates Secret SpecialThis family based reality program follows Gil and Kelly Jo who are raising their 19 children with Love, Humor, and Christian values. No matter the situation, the family faces it together.UP21 Thu 9:00pm
21 Thu 10:00pm
21 Thu 6:00pm
21 Thu 7:00pm
Jesus and the Gospels: Answers to Tough QuestionsDay of DiscoveryNRB21 Thu 9:00pm
22 Fri 1:00am
21 Thu 6:00pm
21 Thu 10:00pm
Morningstar of the Reformation: John Wycliffe(1984) The story of 14th century John Wycliffe, AKA "The Morning Star of the Reformation", who was the first to translate the Bible into English.WalkTV21 Thu 9:00pm
22 Fri 2:00am
23 Sun 3:00pm
21 Thu 6:00pm
21 Thu 11:00pm
23 Sun 12:00pm
Small Town, Big Mayor - Point No. 36: Boost Town RevenueD'Lo, Miss., is a quaint town of just a few hundred people that seems to be straight out of the 1950s -- nobody locks their doors and everyone seemingly knows everyone.UP21 Thu 9:30pm
21 Thu 10:30pm
24 Sun 12:00am

21 Thu 6:30pm
21 Thu 7:30pm
23 Sat 9:00pm
Movie SpecialMovie SpecialTLN21 Thu 10:00pm21 Thu 7:00pm
21 Thu 9:00pm
State Plate With Taylor Hicks - Minnesota(2016) Musician and restaurateur Taylor Hicks travels around the United States sampling emblematic dishes.INSP22 Fri 8:00pm22 Fri 5:00pm
Handcrafted America - Lightning Etched Lighting, Driftwood Pens, Straw Hats(2016) Host Jill Wagner meets craftspeople from across the United States - INSP22 Fri 8:30pm
22 Fri 5:30pm
JUCE LiveJUCE TV is a Christian youth network designed for the 13-30 age group.JUCE22 Fri 10:00pm
24 Sun 1:00am

22 Fri 7:00pm
23 Sat 10:00pm
Old Fashioned(2014) A former frat boy and a free-spirited woman together attempt the impossible: an "old-fashioned" courtship in contemporary America.ACC
22 Wed 5:30am22 Wed 2:30am22 Wed 9:30pm
22 Wed 8:30pm
The National Bible Bee Game ShowTest your knowledge as you watch young people compete for cash prizes up to $100,000 as part of the National Bible Bee Game Show.NRB

23 Sat 4:00pm

23 Sat 1:00pm
The Bouquet(2013) Two estranged sisters set aside their differences to help their mother save her floral business.TBN23 Sat 5:00pm23 Sat 2:00pm
Broken(2013) As he clings to life, a troubled teenager recalls the events that led him to the bottom of a cliff.Upliftv
23 Sat 7:00pm
23 Sat 4:00pm
Worship on the Rocks180 Ministries - Teen Challenge invites followers to pursue God's heart with Jesus Culture, United Pursuit, Josh Garrels, Todd White, RR Worship and others at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.GODTV23 Sat 7:30pm23 Sat 4:30pm23 Sat 18:30
Forward Conference 2014John GreyDaystar
23 Sat 7:30pm

23 Sat 4:30pm

23 Sat 10:00
Sisters of the Groom(2017) Things don't go according to plan when a woman tries to help her friend cater a wedding. PixL23 Sat 7:30pm
28 Thu 12:00pm
29 Fri 12:00am
23 Sat 4:30pm
28 Thu 9:00am
28 Thu 9:00pm
Padre Pio: Miracle ManThe distinctive life and holiness of Saint Padre Pio, marked by his great faith and devotion.EWTN23 Sat 8:00pm
25 Mon 1:30am
23 Sat 5:00pm
24 Sun 10:30pm
The Magnificent Seven(1960) The townspeople, too afraid to fight for themselves, hire seven American gunslingers to free them from the bandits' raids.INSP23 Sat 8:00pm
25 Mon 12:30am
23 Sat 5:00pm
24 Sun 9:30pm
Power Play(1970) We discover the underhanded tactics that raise the stakes of a hockey franchise sale. We also see the presence of righteousness personified in a Christian hockey player. WalkTV
23 Sat 9:00pm
24 Sun 2:00am
23 Sat 6:00pm
23 Sat 11:00pm
Falling for Vermont(2017) A best-selling author who got amnesia as the result of a car accident finds refuge with the local doctor of a small idyllic town in Vermont.Hallmark23 Sat 9:00pm
24 Sun 7:00pm
23 Sat 9:00pm
24 Sun 7:00pm
The Last Brickmaker in America(2001) A hardworking laborer loses passion for his work until he becomes a mentor to a 13-year-old boy.TBN23 Sat 11:00pm23 Sat 8:00pm
McLintock!(1963) Aging rancher George Washington McLintock, a wealthy self-made man, is forced to deal with numerous personal and professional problems. INSP23 Sat 11:00pm23 Sat 8:00pm
Funniest Home VideosAmateur videographers in the U.S. submit ones of their kids, pets, friends and families in funny situations -- often embarrassing -- with the hope of winning thousands in prize money. UP23 Sat 12:00pm23 Sat 9:00am
Monte Walsh(2003) In the late 1800s a cowboy fights back against Eastern corporations that are buying land in the WestINSP24 Sun 2:00pm
24 Sun 11:00am
Look Who's Talking(1989) The romantic ups and downs of accountant Mollie Jensen are viewed cynically by a most unusual bystander -- her talking newborn, Mikey .UP24 Sun 7:00pm
25 Mon 1:00am
24 Sun 4:00pm
24 Sun 10:00pm
Touched by an Angel - Shallow Water
(2001) The angels rush to help a woman face life after an argument between her stepfather and brother-in-law results in the deaths of many of her family members.UP24 Sun 9:00am24 Sun 6:00am
Look Who's Talking Too (1990) The parents of toddler Mikey deal with a new baby and a slacker live-in uncle.UP24 Sun 9:00pm24 Sun 6:00pm

Bad Date Chronicles(2017) Leigh runs the website``Bad Date Chronicles,'' which allows people to anonymously post horrible date experiences. When rival blogger Conner becomes the subject of one of her posts, they agree to date each other to see which one is the ``bad dater.'' PixL24 Sun 9:00pm24 Sun 6:00pm
Chesapeake Shores - Forest Through the Trees
(2017) Abby bails out Trace, who goes to his ailing father in the hospital; Abby balances work and mom life, worried about introducing Trace to her girls; Mick looks into developing the O'Brien Trust and the complications that will follow. Hallmark
24 Sun 9:00pm24 Sun 9:00pm
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again(2017) When the Postables discover an antique vase, they trace it back to three girls who attempted to sell it in to save their family farm. With the farm again facing hardship, the Postables must choose between doing what's legal and what's moral.Hallmark Movie 24 Sun 9:00pm
25 Mon 7:00pm
24 Sun 6:00pm
25 Mon 4:00pm
Hang 'Em High>(19768) After a gang of men unsuccessfully attempts to lynch him for a cattle rustling crime he did not commit, Jed Cooper is saved by marshal Dave Bliss and judge Adam Fenton .INSP24 Sun 10:00pm
24 Sun 8:00pm
Love's Unending Legacy(2007) Two years after the murder of her husband, a woman and her young son return home to be near her parents.TBN24 Sun 11:00pm24 Sun 8:00pm
Look Who's Talking Now(1993) James and Mollie Ubriacco are expanding the family again, this time with Rocks the mutt and Daphne the poodle, a mismatched pair who spend their time trading insults the humans can't hear.UP24 Sun 11:00pm
24 Sun 8:00pm
Same Time Next Week(2017) A widow and a widower struggle to let go of the past as their friendship blossoms into romance. PixL24 Sun 12:00pm
25 Mon 12:00am
24 Sun 9:00am
24 Sun 9:00pm
Belle and the Beast(2007) When her father accidentally breaks a valuable work of art at the Landry mansion, Belle is thrust into the life of the Beast.TBN24 Sun 12:30am23 Sat 9:30pm
Love's Unending Legacy(2007) Two years after the murder of her husband, a woman and her young son return home to be near her parents.TBN25 Mon 12:30am24 Sun 9:30pm
Highway to Hell(2015) A trucker falls asleep at the wheel.Upliftv
26 Tue 8:15pm
26 Tue 5:15pm
The Pledge(2011) A self-centered teen is sentenced to community service at a local veterans facility after he is caught defacing a statue.Upliftv
27 Wed 6:00pm27 Wed 3:00pm