XO Conference

XO Conference -The XO Conference is a unique event designed to transform your marriage as you create a deeper level of intimacy, uncover strategies to strengthen your bond, and invite the Holy Spirit to revive and restore your love! Engage in an experience that will encourage your heart and fill you with hope for the future through inspiring messages from speakers like:


Saturday 6:30 am ET / 3:30 am PT, 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT – Roku, Dish ch., 263, DirectTV ch. 369, U-Verse 563, FiOS 293, KDTN TV 2 Dallas, TX, Sky ch. 584, local TV, local cable

Jimmy Evans
Jimmy Evans
Max Lucado
Max Lucado
Max Lucado
Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel
14 Wed 9:00pm
15 Thu 1:00am
16 Fri 12:00pm
16 Fri 9:00pm
17 Sat 1:00am
17 Sat 6:30am
17 Sat 7:00pm
14 Wed 6:00pm
14 Wed 10:00pm
16 Fri 9:00am
16 Fri 6:00pm
16 Fri 10:00pm
17 Sat 3:30am
17 Sat 4:00pm
17 Sat 15:30

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